Acid Def Sea


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Drew Estate’s ACID cigar line is undeniably the best line of infused cigars on the market. Year after year, these blends are at the top of the charts. And Def Sea is one of the best-sellers in the whole lot. Indeed, I am not alone when I say the Def Sea is my favorite blend from Drew Estate’s highly enjoyable ACID family of cigars. In fact, many believe this big perfecto is the tastiest cigar Drew Estate manufacturers.

ACID Ltd. Def Sea showcases a well-cured Sumatra seed wrapper. This silky and reddish wrapper leaf perfectly blankets a mixture of Nicaraguan long-fillers underneath to create a pleasant medium-bodied experience. Def Sea is infused with an exotic mixture of honey water, jasmine, and double cured sugar cane extract. The result is a masterpiece. Experience a highly unique profile layered with rich tobacco flavors, complemented by sweet, soothing aromas and nuances.


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